Can’t sleep. =(

Always thinking, always cheering, no matter what, Thank goodness for my comfort spot and drink

Old picture but right before national doggie day ends 🐶, representing the #buttons and the #coco #poms #maltese, really brings me back when I used to get to see coco and mochi all the time too 😞 & that particular someone


Rapunzel’s Forest Friends - 14

Ooooh crap. It found us. Run, babe!

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Let it go.

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Why is it so hard not to think.

Night times are always so lonely without you. At least I can sit in the same booth at teabar, just for one this time though. I wish i could call, hear your voice. but I have to be strong, for you. 

Where dreams come true, gotta work hard everyday for the ones dearest to my heart. #saturdaynightin #disney #selfmotivation #imissthis #alot

Saw this at target, it made me smile #disney #target #family

Always proud always thinking